We Cannot Hold Onto Anything

Our lives are a constant process of balancing and re-balancing.  Nothing stays the same.  If we were able to see life as it truly is, what we would see would be energy streams of different colors, in constant, fluid motion.

Like the planet itself, we are made mostly of water – water and space.  There is very little matter in us.  Like the ocean, we are constantly moving currents of energy and tides, forming and re-forming.

But, somehow, we humans seem to want to control things – to keep things frozen as they are.  Change, or something different, can seem to be a threat, rather then the natural and organic, cosmic flow of life.

Nothing stays the same.  Not even us.  Cells die and are grown again….there is nothing set, nothing we can hold onto. Trying to only creates struggle, stress, and suffering.  Like water, we cannot hold onto anything.  Things may seem to take a shape for a given while, but even that is an illusion.

How wonderful would it be to be able to flow like water – never having to hold to a form – just joyously rushing and flowing hither and yon?  Nothing to hold onto. Nothing to be limited or restricted by. Just the great, Cosmic flow, always in motion.

As we walk this human journey, we need to check in often with how we are flowing, or not.  Do we need to change course, and flow in a different way?  Do we need to re-group and shift the balance in some way?  Tuning in, in this way, is so crucial, so important. Just as birds adjust their direction with every air current they catch, so must we be utterly willing and flexible.  This is the joy of flight – to be this light that we can change course on a moment’s notice, with utter grace.

I remember once when I was 18, my father told me to choose what I was going to do in life and then stick to it for the next 20 years.  I was horrified by the idea.  And, have never been able to do that.  Instinctively, even then, I knew that this seemed contrary to the Nature of things.  Even my home is constantly changing, as we change.  Things will get moved around and put in new places.  How against the flow of Life to have something unmoving?  In Nature, in the sky, in everything, we see that things are never the same.  All is in motion.  To be in touch with this is a great truth….this is the Tao – the way of things.

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