The Walk of Life

My husband and I have been having a good time building our whimsical, rustic, outdoor shower house these past few days. Occasionally, the neighbors up the road stop by to see how it’s coming along, ( “What are you up to now?” they will grin at us), and our good friend, Russ, who is an engineer, has given us valuable advice as well as much appreciated manual help. It’s a delight to add to the Beauty and Spirit of this land, to add aspects that work well with what we are about here – healing, being close to Nature, seeing Beauty all around us. Walking with Beauty. Walking the Beauty Way.

As we work on various projects, it’s a 3 dimensional, natural feng shui-ing.  Sensing what would be right, tuning into the energy, and then creating something where it seems to want to or be meant to be. We also plan to do some art projects soon, using old wood we have found in the barn, and old, interesting pieces of metal and glass or pieces of stones and crystals that we have on hand, or have found on the land. Then we will see where they want to go.

My next large manifestation in this regard will be find a masterful wood carver who will build me a customized Totem Pole that will add to the magic of this land.  I think it will live down by the sweat lodge, with the creek bubbling away nearby.  So, I am putting out my thoughts to find the right person who will know what I am looking for and be able to craft it into something enchanting and powerful.

Over the years, my husband  and I have learned how to work well together.  It has been a deep learning and growing experience for both of us. Sometimes that means we have a face off, but, as my husband remarked the other day: “We grow the most with one another!” Generally, these days, it flows along gracefully, as we have learned to honor and understand and respect our differences, our rhythms ( he moves much faster then I do – I tend to get distracted by shiny rocks and other such things ), and the way our minds work in different ways. After a full day of working together, we feel good and can look with joy at what we have created.  Tired, but in a good. way

Our next workshop is one in which we will be crafting, weaving, with vines found on the land, giant baskets, big enough for someone to climb into, lie down, and gaze at the forest and the sky. Our good friend, Cherokee elder and renowned master basket weaver, Nancy Basket, will be coming to guide us in this venture, to weave these nests with us, and share Cherokee stories and blessings for the land.  We will call the area in the woods where the nests will be, “The Nesting Grounds”.  It will be a sweet time.  I think it will feel very ancient, gathering what we need and sitting in the woods together, weaving these vines into something unique and special and beautiful.  Perhaps we will ask the Forest to receive this new thing and protect it, a little nesting ground within the larger, green nursery of growing things.

When I began to write this blog, I thought that I was going to speak about the balance between the “Mundane” and the “Sacred” things of the day,  ( the Mundane being hosing bird poop off our walkway after a mama bird, who has her nest nearby, flies over our walkway three times a day, leaving us her little blessings ) and the Sacred being the magical and special moments that come when I journey or work with others with the healing they are seeking, but I realized that it is ALL Sacred.  It is ALL part of the Dharma, the Walk of Life, the learning and the growing – how we go about the moments of our lives.  ALL of it is our creative, artistic masterpiece – all of it adds up to what we have mastered, or added to Life, each and every moment. Whether we have chosen kindness and love, balance and harmony, or frustration and anger.  And even if we have our moments of frustration and anger, the balance comes when we can say: “Sometimes I am calm and balanced, and sometimes I am angry and frustrated”.  The yin and the yang. And in this way, we move back into acceptance of ourselves and our humanity, of ALL of our moments… doing so, we move back into the larger understanding of Life and Love, and this vast and epic Journey we are making.

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