The Purpose for Today

In a book I was reading this morning, it said that everyone needs a purpose.  We need a purpose to get up in the morning.

I think that this is true, but, there are all kinds of purposes.  Today, my main purpose was to be first of all, a chicken liberator.  Our chickens had been in their coop for a couple of days, and it was time, past time, as far as they were concerned, to let them go out, hunt bugs, and have their freedom.  They were all crowded together, waiting impatiently for me at the door of their pen. We have found, through too many losses, that if we aren’t out there with them, they are easy prey for the various predators who roam around looking for a nice, plump chicken dinner. So, someone needs to be out with them when they are free ranging.  Usually, that is my husband Hawk, who loves to work outside on this and that project to keep our retreat in good shape. Since he has been away teaching for a few days, we decided to keep them in until today, and that is when I would just hang out with them for a bit.  This was no hardship, as we have have five adorable, black, fuzzy baby chicks who are fun to watch scurrying around with their mother, Sweet Pea, hunting for worms and scratching for other tasty treats. When it was time for them to go back into their pen, Sweet Pea and the babies went in right away. Four of our other chickens, however, had migrated far up the meadow, and it took me quite  a while to herd them back toward the coop, as one would go this way, and one would go that way. Not so easy being a chicken herder, let me tell you. It requires great perseverance and patience, and the optimistic, ultimate knowledge that it will ( finally ) come to pass. So, not only was I a chicken liberator, I was also a chicken herder as my purpose today.  It felt good. I really enjoyed it, being outside in the beauty of the day, reading a good book, and checking to make sure the chickens were all right.  So, actually, another purpose: I was also a chicken guardian.

Now I am being a blog writer.

It got me thinking…in our society, we are told to study or train to be only one thing – the jack of all trades, or the Renaissance person, is not often found these days.  I can get behind doing one career or one job IF it is something someone loves, something that offers ongoing, new inspiration and new insights, and is intriguing. However, if someone is doing the same, rote thing, something not inspiring, something you can’t wait to be finished with so that you can have a bit of time for a life, day after day, to me, that is time wasted.  Perhaps, even, much of a life wasted. That is not being the Creator of your life and offering to yourself that which you love, doing what your soul loves to do. That is, to my way of thinking, compromising too much, and settling for so much less, not trusting yourself to give to yourself that which you truly desire, not trusting that you have the power and the where with all to do so.  So, it is, in fact, I see it as an act of self sabotage. A life lived feeling, perhaps, victimized.  My belief is that no one can victimize us but ourselves.  It is called living in Victim Consciousness. If we know, however, that we can be the Creator of our lives, then we have the opportunity to live in a much different way.

I think, and have found that it is an intriguing way to live, to manifest one’s life this other way, to be self autonomous and self supporting, to be able to get up each morning and decide what it is that your purpose will be today.  Isn’t that an exciting prospect?  In this way, you are not a slave to anyone, or anything – you are the Creator of your life, day by day, offering yourself the purpose that inspires you for that day.  In this way, as well, we do not identify ourselves as being something other then our soul essence. We do not define ourselves as the job we do, for that job will constantly be changing and morphing into something else.  We are able then, to see ourselves as more than what we do….we are the one choosing the purpose each day, the one who can be anything. Today, I have already had 4 purposes:


1) a chicken liberator

2) a chicken herder

3) a chicken guardian

4) a blog writer


And, although it is now only 12:30 in the afternoon, I feel quite fulfilled. And there is still a lot of the day to fill with purposes left.

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