The Moment

It always fascinates me that a moment we have experienced – any moment – will never come again in the same way. It is unique and original unto Itself and can never be replicated. It is here for an ephemeral moment, and then it is gone forever. One hears old sayings such as: “You can never step into the same river twice”, and “Be Present” or “Be here now”….but, it is so true. Every moment we experience is like a precious gem, or a fantastically designed snowflake drifting from the sky. It has its own complex pattern, its own color and texture and formulation. It is a once in a lifetime combination of energies, and it will never come again. It is the only one of its kind that will ever be in the Universe.

It is Itself.

We, too, are like this. And every person we meet, every interaction we have with another is like that. It will never come again. A person comes into our lives, perhaps just for a moment, or a day, or a week, or years, but those moments with that person are always ever new and will never come again, or happen that way again, because everything, including ourselves, is ever changing. In this sense…another spiritual saying….we are always at the beginning. Everything is always new.

Imagine what it would be like to live in this way…to be so alert and honed in to the moment….experiencing all of it…every nuance, every flavor, every sense of it. To be fully awake and alive to what is being gifted to you at that moment. No longer jaded or ho hum, but every sense alert and breathing in all the wonder of the moment! This, I believe, is what we are here to do. Not to run all of our old thinking and emotional patterns over and over, like an old jutted and well worn, pitted road….but to be fully alive to this amazing and mysterious Universe. It is called “The Gift of Life”, an truly, it IS a gift, one we so often, all too often, take for granted. These amazing moments that will never come again, that are a wonder of creation, in all of its unparalled complexity. Just think what it takes to orchestrate all of these beings – the grass, and the trees, and the rocks, and the sky, and the sun, and the water, and the creatures who may be part of that moment – all of yourself, with your stupendous array of atoms and molecules, always changing, interacting with others together….what must it take to bring that moment into being, into that alignment and orchestration, in such a way? It often seems to me that it must be like the intricate and complex pieces of a great Cosmic clock fitting all the varied and myriad, exactly right gears together, all moving in perfect synchronicity, so that this something happens in this way at exactly this moment! It’s mind blowing….and we take it for granted.

Imagine what life would be like if every magnificent moment were never taken for granted, but we received it with open arms and wide eyes? How tremendous that would be!

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