The Council of Women

At Homestead Retreat, my friend Chrys Franks and I offer healing and ceremonial programs for women, called The Council of Women. The Council of Women programs was birthed 25 years ago when a midwife in Augusta Georgia named Whapio had an unexpected vision and visit from the Goddess Kali.  The Goddess Kali told her that it was time: she wanted Whapio to offer powerful healing and ceremonial programs for women. She informed Whapio, in no uncertain terms, how to go about it.

Whapio and I connected soon after that, and somehow the magic just happened – we began to offer weekend programs, as Kali had instructed, on my land, which was, at that time, near Boone, NC.  Women came from all over the Southeast.  Because these programs came from a higher source, they seemed to come through us and to have a life and power and magic of their own. What happens in a Council is quite amazing. Unless you attend one, it’s hard to put it into words.

Some years later, after Whapio and I moved on to other things, there was a long period when the Councils slumbered. In 2005, when my husband and I moved to Charleston,SC, I connected immediately with Chrys Franks ( we found that we even have the same birthday ), a Reiki Master and Akashic Record Consultant, as I had with Whapio. We resurrected the Council of Women, though finding the right place to hold them often proved challenging. Three years ago, when my husband and I found and bought this land that is now Homestead Retreat, it gave us the perfect home for these programs. A deep, deep magic lives here that mirrors and sustains the magic of the Councils.  There is a special harmony between Chrys and myself, and the Councils once more flourished in a life transforming way.  That is what we hear over and over again from the women who attend – that it is life transforming. And that is the intention.

Before Chrys and I finalize the program for a Council, we open the Akashic Records, the Records that hold the information of the Universe, and we ask for guidance.  A few days ago, we opened the Records, and what came through was very unexpected.  Three ancient Shamans who lived on this land long ago showed up to work with us, to help us become One with the land; to find the power vortexes that are here to help with the healing of those who come, to help re-birth the energy of those who come, and o find our connection with Source. When I asked these Shamans, who were all women from a Native American lineage, whether or not to share this in a blog, Chrys, who opens the Records for us and holds the space of hearing what is said and then offering that to us both, felt a powerful surge of energy flood the left side of her body.  ( The left side is the side more directly connected to Spirit – the nurturing, intuitive, inspired, Feminine side. ) She said it was tingling all over. The answer, then, from the Shamans, was a definite “Yes!  Share this information!”  They also told us that the land needed to have a Sweat Lodge, which we had already planned to create in June, and to offer a Sweat Lodge, in a gentle form, for the women who come to the Council. And so we will.  Behind the Medicine Wheel that we built last year, down a trail through the rhododendron bushes, and opening into a very beautiful glade, we found a sacred spot on the land where all the waters converge. This will be the sweat lodge site.

I am to walk with the Shamans to find the power vortexes, and this I will also do, so that they will be known to us when the women come.

Our next Council is called Phoenix Rising, to be held this June 24th weekend. ( more information on this weekend can be found on facebook and on our website: homesteadretreatathorsefork ).

Women of all ages and from all walks of life have come to experience the joy, depth, magic, ceremony, and adventure of the Council of Women Programs.

They have returned home excited, with inspiring stories of deep, personal transformation, healing, sharing, and the magic of living close to Nature. During our time together in Sacred Space, we connect our roots to those of the Earth Mother, and remember the Ways of the Ancient Grandmothers.

The Council is a time of healing, visioning, drumming, wonder, and playing on the earth. We embrace our Light and our Shadow, share meals under the open sky, touch the power of Grandmother Moon, and walk the path of Wise Women as we journey along the path of Awakening.

We remember Who We Are as we give birth to ourselves and to our dreams. We claim our richness and our beauty. It will be a ceremonial time. It will be moments beyond time, as we bring healing to ourselves and to our world.

The Council embraces the powerful healing of the Feminine, the wonders of synchronicity, the wisdom of women throughout the ages, and the joy of magical encounters. It is an epic adventure of transformation!​​​​​

If you are meant to be there, the Council will call to you.


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