Shamanic Death and Rebirth

Late the other night, I was suddenly woken out of a deep dream.  Not sure what was going on, I finally heard my husband saying:

“There’s something in the room!”

“Wha – what??”  I said, looking groggily around the floor for potential snakes or other critters.

“FLYING!” said he.

Then:  “”It’s a bat!”

A BAT??”  says I, still seeing nothing.

“I heard it going whoosh whoosh, around the room!, he said, and that is what had woken him. Hadn’t I heard it going whoosh whoosh?

I had not heard or seen anything. But then again, I had been in a very deep dream.

“How are you going to get it out??”  I said.

The question is”, he said, as he got out of bed to follow it, as it apparently had flown out of the room.  “How did it get in?”

It was one of those moments when I was glad I was “the woman” who nudges her husband out of bed to go deal with whatever noises were being heard in the house.

I still had not seen it.

When Hawk came back into the room, a few minutes later, I asked: “Is it out?”

And he said: “Well, it flew through the Kiva ( our big yoga/workshop room that borders our bedroom), into the Loft, ( a guest bedroom that has a railing that is open to and overlooks the living room ), flew across the living room, perched for a moment on the ( 25 foot  tall, made of stone ) fireplace, folded its wings, and…. disappeared.”

“”What?” I said again.

“It just disappeared”, he said.  “Maybe it found a hole in the rocks that it could fit into, and found its way back outside.” We both hoped that this was true.

Well, we went back to sleep, after closing our door, just in case, and wondered whether or not we’d find it in the morning.

Days passed, and no bat was to be found.

“How”, I asked Hawk, “could it fold its wings and disappear into the fireplace rocks? They are mortared together.”

“I don’t know” he answered. ” Maybe there’s a hole.”

“But how could it fit in, when you said it was so big?

“It was the biggest bat I have ever seen. It had a large wing span.” he had told me. putting his hands apart to show me how big it was. ( impressive ) “and…the only bats that live around here are small bats.  I’ve never seen one SO big.”

We were mystified.

So….what really happened? Bat medicine, as I well know, deals with Shamanic death and rebirth. It’s a very potent symbol of major evolutionary transformation, from one state of being to another.  Did it come in corporeal, or non corporeal form?  We don’t know.  Did it come for just Hawk, as he saw it and heard it, or both of us?  Perhaps we will get the “Aha!  That’s why it came!” another day.

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