When Kali Speaks

By Ayal Hurst | April 21, 2017

As those who live in the country know, we live side by side with many critters.  Occasionally, some of those critters find their way into one’s house, and though they usually don’t want to be there, as it isn’t their natural domain, ( maybe mice like it – lots of crumbs  ) and it can…

3 Egg Day

By Ayal Hurst | April 20, 2017

Today was a three-egg day.  Each day, it feels like a treasure hunt.  I have grown very fond of these new chickens.  They are very cooperative – I feed them corn, and they roam about our meadow, and they give us eggs.  A fair trade.  And I love the deep cooing, low chuckling sounds they…

Chicken Patrol

By Ayal Hurst | April 17, 2017

For the next 5 days, I am on chicken patrol and watering the garden maintenance until Hawk returns from a program. We now have 3 little Rhode Island Red hens and 2 big Rhode Island hens ( Henny and Penny ), and one tall Rhode Island Red rooster.  We are waiting to name the three…

The Council of Women

By Ayal Hurst | April 15, 2017

At Homestead Retreat, my friend Chrys Franks and I offer healing and ceremonial programs for women, called The Council of Women. The Council of Women programs was birthed 25 years ago when a midwife in Augusta Georgia named Whapio had an unexpected vision and visit from the Goddess Kali.  The Goddess Kali told her that it…

The Partner Mirror

By Ayal Hurst | April 12, 2017

As a healer and shamanic practitioner, whenever I find myself going through something intense in life regarding my own spiritual and healing journey, it invariably happens that as soon as I have found my way through it, I get an urgent request for help from someone else who is also going through the same thing,…

Grouse Medicine

By Ayal Hurst | April 7, 2017

The world is always talking to us, sending us messages, in the wind, in the plants that we find ourselves attracted to, in the animals who cross our path in some way. And in many other ways. Perhaps someone mentions a book that think you’d like, and a few days later, someone else mentions the…

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