I wanted to discuss a wonderful technique that has recently and synchronistically, magically come my way that fully supports the concept that we create our on reality with our thoughts.  It is a Hawaiian technique called Ho’oponopono, which means to cause something to happen that is very, very right and very, very good, and in alignment with all things.
During our sweat lodge weekend, one of the women who was attending kept mentioning this wonderful technique, and I finally decided to look it up.  Lo and behold, another piece of the puzzle, that was very very right, and very, very good showed up in my life.  In total alignment!  How surprised are we? In fact, it came my way TWICE in a 2 week period!
It is basically a forgiveness technique that states that whoever is in your life, whatever you see, whatever happens, happens because your mind has thought it up.  It couldn’t be in your life unless your mind conceived of it.  And so, by healing this in oneself, it heals it in the hologram of the world you are in and have created. All creation, as we were told in the wonderful, spiritual documentary The Secret, exists in the mind.  Ho’oponopono is based on this concept, and it rings very, very true.
Ho’oponopono is a very simple technique, but very profound.  By forgiving ourselves for having these thoughts, or for having created suffering by having these thought patterns, everything changes.  Space is created for something entirely new and wonderful to then come forth.
Here is how you do it.  It has 4 easy parts.
First you say, to yourself, from your heart:
I love you.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
And then:
Thank you.
If you like, what I also do, is add, after the Please forgive me, I say:
I know you can heal yourself!
Do a great job!
There are some wonderful articles about Ho’oponopono online, and I highly invite you to read them.  They are fascinating stories about how this works. My husband and I have been using it, whenever anything shows up in our lives that causes us to want to be judgmental, or irritated, or distressed, or even ill.  It is amazing how quickly things shift and change into something amazing.  I can actually feel the space within me created by doing so.  It feels as if some weight or blockage, sometimes even a darkened space that was there is suddenly gone.
So, whatever or whenever you see something in your life, especially when you think that it is “out there” – whether it be someone or something close to you, or even a news or political event, try using Ho’oponopono right away.  You’ll be amazed and delighted at what happens.  Most importantly, remember there really is no “out there” – it is a projection from your mind. Just find that thought pattern or emotional energy that would create those thoughts or fears or illness within yourself. You will see how it matches that “outer” something ( or inner something ) you became aware of. I can promise you, it is within you and will match that energy.  For example, if you think that someone is a jerk, or being unkind, or stupid, or judgmental, go within, and find where that place where those thoughts about yourself, live within you, where you have also been that way. See how these thought patterns have called this into your life.  Gently heal and forgive yourself for having created this and called it into being, and watch how the world changes.

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