Fall Is Here

Fall is here in the mountains.  Not yet the miraculous color changes, in all of its glory, but a sense of ending, as each leaf silently lets go and drifts to earth. The days have been beautiful.

I love the Fall. I love the deep sense of it – of things slowing down, the beauty of the ending of a cycle that it shares with us. There is a deep stillness that is so profound, as if the world is saying “Hush now.  It is time to let go, to rest.”  And yet, in its way, it is dynamic and potent, an almost nostalgic sense of transformation, of metamorphosis. You can’t hold onto it. It brings such beauty, but, if you don’t make a point to be at One with this rhythm, to slow down enough to be with it, it will pass you by before you know it. So ephemeral, this fleeting moment of life shifting…you must be present to catch it before it is gone.

As I walk outside on our land, an invisible breeze blows the leaves in a continual yellow and brown dance, a rain of leaves. They swirl and gently ride the wind before they reach the ground. There is something so powerful about it, a quiet profundity. Something meaningful is happening, a sacred wildness, a sense of something leaving, and yet something coming, something impending, like the feeling before a storm. But, it is not a storm that is coming, but a stillness, a folding inward, and perhaps that folding inward is the most powerful place there is.

That place of stillness…that folding inward…on the Medicine Wheel, it is the place of the North – the place of wisdom, the place of the elder, the place of snow, the place where seeds rest, held in stasis, protected, until the sun’s warmth returns to sprout them once again.  For us, that place of stillness is our Inner Sanctum…the folding inward we do is when we go to the inner reaches of our Heart, where all things are possible.  As Drunvalo, a great spiritual teacher says, in the Heart there is no duality.  There is only Oneness. And from that place of Oneness, anything can be created.  It is beyond this world as we know it, and It is what all of reality comes from.  It was even there before the big bang. In some cultures, it is called The Dreamtime, where we dream reality into being.

How amazing is it to know that this is what we carry in the center of our beings? For me, it is the ultimate mind blower, and the place I choose to access and ultimately find within myself. Every meditation and spiritual practice gives us directions and clues how to get there. How amazing would it be if we were all in that place of the Heart?  There would be no war, no fear…just the beauty of creating. As I see it, even the teachings of Christ were about this.  He had reached this state of Enlightenment, and said “Ye too, shall be as God”..and “all this and more you shall do”…..meaning, to me, that we, too, can reach this place on Enlightenment, as he did, by finding our Inner Sanctum, by going within. …finding that mysterious, mystical place of the heart.


I find that incredibly exciting.

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