Creating New Realities

It seems to me that when people don’t choose to use, or are unable, for whatever reasons, to find or accept the tools that allow them to create another reality, that that is when a soul will die in order to be able to get out of the old reality and begin a new one. But, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that we don’t have to die to create a new reality, or get out of an old one, or suffer, in order to move energy. We just change our old reality with our thoughts. It is learning to use Cosmic brain waves, basically.
The night before we built our sweat lodge, and held a sweat lodge ceremony with a wonderful group of people who joined us, I had an immense download come in.  It lasted for hours, showing me all sorts of things. Among the vast things I was being shown, this download of information showed me that one of the reasons all of the great spiritual teaching throughout time tell us NOT to get “attached” is because this reality we are in is and has been created by our thoughts.  It s like stepping into a dreamscape we have created, like experiencing a dream, in order to learn something, to experience something within that reality. And when we “wake up”, we wake up, just as we do when we are dreaming at night, to who we really are. Often there is a great sigh of relief. “Oh!”, we say. “Whew.  That was just a dream.  Glad I am out of it!”. On the greater scale of things, this is what is also happening. 
Think of it like this:  In the TV show, Star Trek, The Next Generation, on board their spaceship, the Enterprise, they have something called the Holodeck. The Holodeck is a place on the ship where the crew can go to have an adventure of their own choosing. They program the computer for whatever scene or time frame they wish, and the compuer then creates an entire reality, or world, or environment for them, replete with characters they can interact with. If one didn’t know better, one would think it was real.  But, it is a projection created by the computer.  When the person or persons having this adventure/experience are done, they say to the computer: “Computer.  End program.”  And then the room becomes empty once again, and the crew goes back to the rest of the ship and take up their lives there once more.  This is genius, and a perfect analogy for what is actually going on.
What I was shown, that night before the sweat lodge took place, is that what we are experiencing here is very akin to this.  When we have evolved enough as souls, we learn to manipulate and create worlds and realities with our thoughts.  We can even choose what form we want to appear in, in that reality.  But, if we get too attached to this dreamscape we have created, or to the characters within it, we cannot let go of it.  It would be as if the crew of the Enterprise refused to leave the Holodeck and the program the computer was generating for them.  And so, in terms of being detached, while at the same time interacting with this reality in order to learn and grow, we must be able to let go of even being attached to being in human form, and to see ourselves and what we are from a much larger understanding.  This is called multidimensional thinking.
It’s pretty fascinating what I am seeing about all of this – the Oversoul, which is what we are in our larger reality, is a multi dimensional being who can create many realities simultaneously, and interact within each one. In its development, the Oversoul learns to create any reality/scenario it chooses, by manipulating energy and thought forms.  In that hologram, then, that it has created ( like the Holodeck, on Star Trek ), it then enters into it in the form it has chosen, to experience that reality, to learn and grow from it.  Just as we dream each night, the Oversoul “dreams” these realities.  As developing souls, as we are being guided to expand our consciousness into greater and greater multidimensional consciousness, we learn how to do this – it’s what we are being trained to be able to do, though many people do not realize this. All of the spiritual teachings, in every lifetime, if we are willing to open up to these teachings in order to become a more highly developed and organized, complex intelligence and able to work with energy in this way, teach this, offer this, over and over again. This is what shape shifting is based on, and I think, the reason most of us are so fascinated by the concept.  I think that we know, intrinsically, that this is what we are: an energy being who can take whatever form it chooses, once it has learned to work with energy in this way, and wakes up to and understands the larger concept of what we are, and what we are here doing.  I am understanding all of this, more and more. I have always was fascinated by it and am so grateful for the teachings that are coming in, as it leads me to greater freedom and expansiveness.  
We all know people who seem to stay unhappily stuck in some suffering they are in in their lives, or who keep choosing the same kind of experiences, or relationships, over and over. If someone stays stuck in the reality they have created, it is because they are still too insecure and fearful, too locked into the traumas they may have experienced, locked into rigid thought patterns of what they think reality is, and how it works, and so they continue to loop around and around in that reality.  You often have heard these people say: “That’s just who I am. I can’t change” Or, “that’s just how life is” etc. etc. That is why people therefore stay attached to what ( or who ) they have created in their hologram, even if, and we see this all the time, the attachment is to suffering, to dysfunctional ways of being, and they can’t get out of it, ( they think ). So, the only way to change it is to die. They are operating out of frozen thought forms that do not allow change. That’s why the spiritual teachings always tell us not to get caught in Fear. Fear and insecurity do not allow us to be able to branch out to do it differently. Fear stops fluidity – it stops motion, and the Universe and energy, by their very nature, are always in constant motion.
Now, it doesn’t mean that while being non attached, on the one hand, we are not still present and interacting with whatever reality and people within it we find ourselves. It does not mean that we don’t develop love and learn compassion for the other beings/souls we are sharing this communal, holographic reality with.  It is an intricate dance, where we learn to be aware of what’s going on, and yet still grow in the best way we can, in compassion and love, due to what we are experiencing. As we evolve, it means we grow into an awareness of what’s going on, so we can create in better and better ways – more beautiful and loving ways. Not ways that keep us stuck in an illusion we have created and that, then, we are unable to change, that may be full of stagnation and suffering.  To help us with this are many, many teachings, many healing techniques and mind expanding philosophies, many techniques, to heal any vestiges of fear, any bruising, in ourselves, so that the reality we create can move on, creating a different frequency that goes out into that reality. And in this way, that must help other souls who are in this shared ” holographic” reality. I’m still figuring all of this out – it IS very multidimensional, and it is mind blowing at first, but it is making so much sense now, as all of the spiritual teachings that have come my way over my lifetime now are coalescing and I am finally, on a deeper and deeper level, getting “ahas” as I comprehend them.  
Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to create a new reality, a new life experience, with your thoughts?  it fascinates me.  Opens Universes. 

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