Chicken Patrol

For the next 5 days, I am on chicken patrol and watering the garden maintenance until Hawk returns from a program. We now have 3 little Rhode Island Red hens and 2 big Rhode Island hens ( Henny and Penny ), and one tall Rhode Island Red rooster.  We are waiting to name the three little hens until our grandchildren come to visit. ( Will be interesting to see what they come up with ). The hens are great egg layers, and we have been enjoying toasted egg sandwiches and scrambled eggs galore. For a moment, we were a bit concerned about our rooster, as Hawk found him sitting on some eggs in a nest, and he had not been crowing at all. When Hawk asked him what he thought he was doing, sitting on the eggs, he seemed to get very embarrassed and immediately hopped out of the nest and into the back yard area of the coop. However, he has since come into his own, and is doing his male rooster job. “He’s young”, Hawk said, when I raised my eyebrows at this report.

The little hens like to peer around the corner of their nesting boxes at us when we enter the coop.  It’s very cute. They all make a little loving, cooing sound in their throats when we give them corn kernels as a treat. ( Probably akin to the sound I make when eating chocolate souffle. ) Already they have learned about the way we do things and are happy to go back into the coop when we need them to ( with the corn kernels as lure ).

Although I miss Hawk when he is away, I also relish my alone time on the land. ( not to mention being in full charge of the remote during evening veg out time! )

Today is a gorgeous, still day – big, blue sky, greenery growing everywhere.  Dogwood trees, cherry trees, red bud trees, all sorts of trees are in glorious bloom. We have seen the trout lilies sprout up in little communities, along with may apples, bloodroot, ramps, trillium, and more.  The apple trees are blooming, and we have trimmed off apple branches with beautiful white flowers set in vases throughout the house. Spring is an amazing time in the mountains.

Hawk recently built a beautiful rock garden structure at the head of the pond where our friend Star, who creates water features, built two pools that cascade into the larger pond area. Hawk added some flower beds amidst the rocks, and it is quite spectacular, with rock steps leading down to a rock bench. We have sat our Buddha statue above the entire rock structure, and he sits there gazing serenely out over the water.  It’s very peaceful there.

An interesting, synchronistic moment happened for me this morning….I was calling around to see about buying some lava rocks for the sweat lodge ( with no success ), and at one point, I had decided to just try a Home Depot in the hope that they might have some.  A woman answered the phone, and I told her that I was trying to find about 25 grapefruit sized lava rocks, and did they have any?  She said no, they didn’t, after checking in….after a moment she asked what was I going to use the rocks for?  No one else had inquired about this. For a few seconds I hesitated, as it is often more trouble then it’s worth to mention a sweat lodge.  Either no one knows what that is, or else there is a dead silent, suspicious feeling on the other end of the line. This time, though, something compelled me to say that we were looking for them for a sweat lodge ceremony. She immediately got tremendously excited, giving a little squeal of happiness. It turned out that she had been seeking to connect with people in the area doing this sort of thing, having put out her intention for this to happen a month ago, and had even studied with a shaman in Indonesia.

This was quite amazing. I mentioned our ceremonial and healing programs for women, at which point she gave another gasp of happiness,. So, I gave her the information about Homestead. She was thrilled.  Who would have thought that someone answering the phone at a Home Depot would be a connection? I love how the Universe works in such mysterious ways….You just never know.


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