We are trying to get our hens, or at least one of them, to go “broody”.  This means that she will sit on the eggs we are leaving in the nest for her, in the hopes that she will hatch them into little chicks – her “brood”. They have learned to fly low over our creek to get to the other side for bug grazing, and it is so cute to see them all flapping up and over, traversing it, one after another.  They are very happy chickens and tend to follow us around and go where we go, if we are out working in a certain area of the retreat. Sometimes we sit on the little hillock by their pen and watch them as they are moving around the meadows hunting for a yummy, insectoid meal. I am often envious of their colors, especially our rooster who has the most gorgeous iridescent, teal tail feathers ….they shine silken and gem like in the sun. Perhaps that’s why we, as humans, have recently begun dying our hair all sorts of fanciful colors….the animal kingdom has this beauty….so, why not us, as well, after all?


Today we are working to build our outdoor shower house, with two new wwoofers – interns who come to work on organic farms for room and board and whatever knowledge of sustainability we have to pass along to them. They arrived earlier today and have settled right in, appreciating the beauty and magic that is at the Heart, and everywhere, truly, here at Homestead. We have a lot of fun projects to share with them…tomorrow we will begin the initial stages of putting tulip poplar bark siding and shingles on the tree house walls.


Hawk has recently seen 3 deer, and a rabbit, and we discuss the meaning of these sightings, knowing that when an animal revels itself to one, it is for a purpose. A message. I have not seen them myself, but I had a potent polar bear dream last night, and am contemplating the meaning of this for me.


Today it has finally warmed up after a short but very damp, very cold spell, and it is lovely to be outdoors working in the sun. Luckily, it did not freeze, so we did not lose any plants, in the garden, or elsewhere. The flowers are riotous in shades of blue and purple mostly, at the moment, a gorgeous cacaphony lining the walkway, with communities of contrasting yellow buttercups interspersed here and there.

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