Black Snake

Hello all. I haven’t written a blog in a while. Sometimes it seems that there are dispensations of energy, phases from the Universe, when it’s time to go within.

I have been in such a phase for a bit. These within times are often hard to put into words. For me, it is a time when I dive deep into the cave of myself, most often to track and then clear away something that has presented itself that is ready to be removed from my energetic field, from my energetic makeup. An old, dysfunctional pattern, something that is no longer acceptable for me to keep operating out of, or have in my space, in any way – like old, barren soil that has been used up. It is a time when I am ready for rich, new ground, but I have to face and release the old in order to get to it.

Sometimes it is time to re-group and get oneself back on track, whether that is with a chiropractic adjustment, or other available healing modalities and techniques, whether it be on the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual plane. It is easy to veer a little off track here, and a little bit there, until one becomes a bit crooked and tweaked without perhaps, even knowing it, or noticing. We eventually get used to growing off center, as it can come little by little, like a tree growing around barbed wire. Then you often hear people say, who do not want to do the inner work of facing themselves: “Well, that’s just the way I am. I can’t ( won’t ) change.” But…there is a huge difference between who we truly are, and who we are after we have tweaked ourselves to grow around barbed wire and have gotten off track.

On another note, a medicine helper came to visit us yesterday. I had come into the kitchen to wash off 2 eggs from our chickens to put in the frig,( we now have 11 new baby chicks, and oh, are they as sweet and precious as they can be! ), and as I turned back around to go out, I realized that there was a HUGE black snake in the corner, curled up by the frig! It was sort of amazing to see this – something, some presence, right there. I had walked right by it, within a foot or so! I carefully went out, hoping it would stay put, and yelled for Hawk to come quick, but he couldn’t hear me because he was down by the creek, and the water washed all other sound away. FINALLY, when I got in range, I told him that there was a huge, 5 foot long, black snake in the kitchen. I was hoping it was still there so Hawk could catch it and take it out, but it took a long time for him to come in, as I was yelling and yelling for quite a while, trying to find him. It seemed like a long time, anyway.

Here is what is truly interesting: I had gone to bed thinking about the tale I had been told, a tale about the time when a black snake had gotten into this house, when the previous owners lived here. I had actually lain awake for a long time, wondering about a snake getting into the house – and then, presto! The very next morning, there it was. Did I create it being there by thinking of it, or did I sense that it was in the house….? Who knows? It was a very nice snake though, and made no attempt to strike at me when I walked into the kitchen and passed so closely by it.

Well, Hawk did catch it, and he put it under the log cabin part of the house to catch mice, in the crawl space under there. It is a good friend to have nearby ( though not IN the house ), as it will keep other snakes away, as well as keeping the mouse population under control. We had actually first seen it – my grand daughter Carys spotted it – a few days ago, right by the front porch, under a bush. Then we didn’t see it again. I am very grateful that it did not disappear behind a cabinet or into the walls or some such thing before Hawk was able to catch it. It was very beautiful. He held it, and I touched it. Gorgeous black markings. It twined around Hawk’s hand – quite an astounding being.

Another interesting note is that last year, when our grand daughter was visiting, the same thing happened, in a way. ( not the coming into the house part ). She spotted a huge black snake out our back door before I did, and pointed it out to me. Somehow, she has a radar sense for them. She was not at all frightened. We hadn’t seen one here before she came, or after she left, so, perhaps it came as her spirit helper and made sure that she knew it. A powerful spirit ally to have.

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