Becoming The Hollow Bone

Birds can fly because they have hollow bones.  As opposed to being a heavy or dense creature, they are made to embrace the wind.

In many Shamanic healing practices, the Shaman uses a hollow bone to suck out poisons from someone’s body.  Usually these poisons are in an energetic form, as we are energetic beings, but it takes using something hollow, something that has been opened up, that does not carry dense, heavy energy, to do the job.  A hollow bone has transcended into something else, something rarified and pure, something that, if we ourselves had them, like birds, we could probably fly. Or, at the very least, ride the wind.

During our lifetime, we have the chance to become like a hollowed bone.  We can rid ourselves, if we are willing to face what we need to, and do the work, of the negativity and festering patterns of energy, beliefs and dysfunctional emotions that we have gathered along the way.  These issues get stuffed into our bodies and jam us up.  We become heavy. The wind does not whistle through us, singing the song of the Universe, or carry us into the sky.

There are many ways to do this work. And truth be told, if we want a shot at happiness and being a successful human being, to do what we came here to do, able to offer our gifts to the world, we must do it.

We begin small, like lifting a 5 pound weight.  We can’t yet lift, or face, when we first begin, our emotional tsunamis.  But we face what we can, what we are able to, and then we move on to lifting a 10 pound weight, and then 25, and then 50, and then 100, then 300, until finally, we are lifting a thousand pound weight with the strength and ease we have built within ourselves.  We can face our deep, core issues, our greatest wounds, and pain, and we can let go of them.  We develop a different world view, a view that includes loving and forgiving ourselves. It takes practice, and it is a process that continues all through one’s life.

Every day we gather dust and dirt, or we make a belief about ourselves or others or life that comes from hurt and trauma, anger or grief, beliefs, perceptions, that are heavy and do not ring true. Just as we need to take a shower every day, we need to bathe ourselves and cleanse ourselves every day, energetically, as well. In this way, we get conscious. We see when we have veered off track, when our energy does not run clear.  This is how we stay healthy and well….and learn to fly.

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