3 Egg Day

Today was a three-egg day.  Each day, it feels like a treasure hunt.  I have grown very fond of these new chickens.  They are very cooperative – I feed them corn, and they roam about our meadow, and they give us eggs.  A fair trade.  And I love the deep cooing, low chuckling sounds they make when they are happy. But it is even more than that. Having other life sharing this land with us in a communal sense changes things.  I can truly understand the Native American saying that if the animals of the world were to die, or decrease so drastically, we would perish of loneliness. I wish more people understood this – this deeply fulfilling sense of life shared with these amazing beings.

It has rained on and off all day today.  The sky is grey and heavy, still filled with more rain to come, spreading over the area for the next few days. This is a good thing, as I do not have to water the garden, and the land really is needing it. Last year we had a severe drought. And fires out of control.  Hopefully this year, we won’t.

Being a damp day, I made a nice fire this morning in the wood stove in the kitchen (finally!) Usually, I am a fairly adept fire maker, but this morning I had to keep trying and trying, and for some weird reason, no matter WHAT I did, even the PAPER wouldn’t burn, and I put lots of it in….the thin kindling wouldn’t burn….and all of it was dry. I had never seen anything like it.  It was so bizarre. Finally, I “got” it: something was up. Retreating from my unsuccessful fire making attempts, I took a breath and said a respectful and honoring prayer to the Fire, thanking it for its warmth, for providing that warmth safely, for being the amazing Elemental Power that it is. With the next match, it immediately lit and took off, blazing happily away.  Up until that point, I had tried and rebuilt it 3 times. There would be a very feeble flame, despite the hordes of paper I put under the kindling, and it would instantly die out. Besides that, the last 2 times a few days ago, when I tried to make a fire, each time, it wouldn’t go either.

Right after the fire lit, I picked a card, face down, from one of my give yourself a reading card decks, and …how surprised are we – it was the Fire card……speaking to me of all that the Element Fire pertains to. So, hopefully, whatever was blocking my Fire energy/connection has been re-balanced, re-energized, and re-honored. I have spent the day reading, cozy and warm in the kitchen.

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